Transportation and Housing Coordination

The Transportation and Housing Coordination Workgroup, led jointly by CalSTA and the Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency, provides a formal structure for the coordination of transportation and housing programs and policy, consistent with Administration policy and in fulfillment of the requirements of Senate Bill 1039 (2012).

Recognizing there are important connections between housing and transportation in the areas of policy, planning, and operations, this effort fosters the continued development of strong partnerships among state housing and transportation functions. Successful coordination will help achieve state and regional planning priorities regarding housing and transportation to maximize co-benefits of transportation infrastructure and housing investments. State priorities in this area have been broadly defined in statute and executive orders to include improved transportation accessibility and safety, increased availability of affordable housing, improving social equity, economic prosperity, sustainable land use planning, improved public health, achievement of the goals of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, and adaptation to a changing climate.

Transportation and Housing Coordination Workgroup Charter (PDF)