Freight, Rail and Border

The California State Transportation Agency works with our departments and partner agencies at the local, regional and federal level to create a safe, integrated and efficient transportation system that brings California closer to meeting binational trade, economic and environmental objectives.

Port and Freight Infrastructure Program

The 2022-23 state budget includes $1.2 billion for a one-time Port and Freight Infrastructure Program to help ease supply chain congestion and increase the capacity to move goods in California. The program seeks to improve the capacity, safety, efficiency and resilience of goods movement to, from and through California’s maritime ports, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and harmful impacts to communities adjacent to the corridors and facilities used for goods movement. 

These improvements are critical to enhancing and modernizing the multimodal freight transportation system, growing the economic competitiveness of California’s freight sector, promoting transportation equity, reducing freight-related deaths and injuries, and improving system resilience by addressing infrastructure vulnerabilities associated with security threats, climate change and natural disasters.


Program timeline

Guidelines Virtual Workshops  

Workshop 1:  August 4, 2022

Workshop 2:  August 8, 2022

Workshop Presentation Slides (PDF)

Closing Date for Comments of Draft Guidelines: August 26, 2022 

CalSTA Publishes Guidelines: October 12, 2022

Port and Freight Infrastructure Program Guidelines (PDF)

Draft Guidelines Comparison Document (PDF)

Call for Projects: October 12, 2022

Port and Freight Infrastructure Program Call for Projects (PDF)

Optional, Time-Limited, Focused Meetings for Applicants to Discuss Project Concepts and Quantifications: Mid-November to Mid-December 2022 (closed)

Common Themes and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Project Programming Request (PPR) Form: The Port and Freight Infrastructure PPR can be accessed on the Caltrans Division of Local Assistance website.

Project Applications Due: January 13, 2023  

Summary of Applications Received (PDF)

CalSTA Award Announcement: March 2023

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