About Us

The California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) develops and coordinates California’s transportation policies and programs to achieve the state’s mobility, safety, equity and environmental sustainability objectives. Our agency oversees the policies and activities of California’s eight state organizations that deliver transportation-related programs and services and support the movement of people and goods throughout the state.


Mission: We lead people-first transportation programs and policies to enhance safety, equity, climate action and economic prosperity for all Californians.


Vision: Whoever you are, wherever you live, every person has access to a safe, sustainable and convenient transportation system throughout California.



  • People First
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Passion


  • SAFETY: Reduce fatalities and serious injuries for everyone on the transportation system.
  • CLIMATE ACTION: Lead and advance climate action for a cleaner California.
  • EQUITY: Embed equity in all our programs, policies and practices.
  • INNOVATION: Foster innovation in our processes, systems and technology to enhance service for all Californians.
  • MOBILITY: Create a seamless and connected multimodal transportation system with easy access to jobs and housing for all.
  • ECONOMIC PROSPERITY: Promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Core Four Priorities: Safety, Equity, Climate Action and Economic Prosperity

Statement on Racial Equity, Justice and Inclusion in Transportation

The following transportation-related entities are under CalSTA:

The CalSTA office is located at:

400 Capitol Mall, Suite 2340
Sacramento, California 95814