Caltrans Increases Accountability Across the Board

Published: Jan 13, 2015

SACRAMENTO – As part of its ongoing reform efforts—including increased statewide accountability and transparency—Caltrans has published new manager and employee handbooks and launched a 24-hour ethics hotline for all employees.

“Caltrans is taking bold action to increase our performance and accountability across the board as we responsibly manage California’s transportation assets,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Consistent, statewide policies help strengthen our organization and support the tremendous work of our employees who serve the public.”

The department policies cover issues such as health and safety, ethics, information technology, and overtime. The department also released an updated hiring guide including mandatory procedures for checking references and personnel documents during the vetting process. The purpose of all these policies is to set consistent and predictable policies that help improve department performance statewide.

Starting last year, Caltrans has ramped up its ongoing effort to improve department performance, accountability and communications. Caltrans recently announced a new department-wide mission, vision and goals as part of its effort to modernize operations and improve performance and accountability. Caltrans also created a new Office of Enterprise Risk Management, which spearheaded a new 24-hour ethics helpline and a website for employees to report possible fraud, waste or abuse.

In addition to these management improvements, Caltrans is also modernizing its transportation policies. Caltrans recently funded $368 million to encourage walking, biking and other forms of active transportation. It also endorsed the National Association of City Transportation Officials guidelines to help support walking and biking in California. In March, Caltrans signed a $225 million contract with Siemens to manufacture 32 high-performance diesel-electric locomotives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent.

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