Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Generates Statewide Interest

Published: Apr 14, 2016

Sacramento – The Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) funds projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by expanding public transportation ridership and capacity. On February 5, 2016, the TIRCP began a Call for Projects for the second round of program grants with an application deadline of April 5.

This year’s Call for Projects resulted in 41 project applications for a total of $3.1 billion in requested funding. Currently, an estimated $449 million is available, primarily from auction proceeds from the Cap and Trade Program. It should also be noted that the Governor’s Budget proposes additional Cap and Trade auction proceeds and loan repayments to further increase the total amount available for this second round of program grants. The enthusiastic response to this year’s Call for Projects attests to TIRCP’s crucial role as a funding source to accomplish transformative projects that will modernize and integrate transit service.

Here is a list of project titles, requested amounts and total project costs from the applications received.

CalSTA anticipates announcing project selections around August 1, 2016.