Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Environmental Green Light for Old Bay Bridge Underwater Pier Implosion

OAKLAND –Today, Caltrans announced that it has been awarded all the necessary environmental permits to safely remove Pier E3, the largest of the underwater piers at the Old Bay Bridge, with controlled charges.

Published: Oct 01, 2015Caltrans Moves To Hold Bay Bridge Contractors Accountable

SACRAMENTO –Caltrans officials will seek approval from the Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee (TBPOC) to conclude its contract with American Bridge / Fluor, the joint venture that built many parts of the Bay Bridge, and hold the contractor accountable for project delays and faulty work.

Published: Sep 24, 2015State Government Departments Offer Cash Awards for Innovation

SACRAMENTO – A trio of state department heads on Tuesday announced a set of contests in which Californians can win up to $25,000 for ideas to improve transportation and sustainable government practices, and help prevent underage drinking.

Published: Aug 25, 2015Caltrans Seeks Public Input on Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan

SACRAMENTO – With seven workshops and a webinar slated for March, Caltrans invites the public to help shape the state’s transportation future by offering their input and comments on the California Transportation Plan 2040 (CTP 2040), which lays out a vision for California’s transportation future to support a vibrant economy and our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Published: Mar 04, 2015Caltrans Highlights Commitment to ImproveTravel for Non-Motorized Users

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans’ jump into the nation’s top ten bicycle-friendly states and the creation of the nation’s largest active transportation program are just a few of achievements highlighted in Caltrans’ annual Non-Motorized Transportation Facilities Report.

Published: Feb 27, 2015Caltrans Reform Effort Continues

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans today announced significant progress toward becoming a more modern, efficient, transparent and accountable organization one year after an external department review called for stronger management and performance and a better match between policy goals and transportation investments.

Published: Jan 30, 2015Caltrans Reports on How It’s Providing Safer Mobility for System Users

SACRAMENTO – In a continuing effort to further its new mission to provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficienttransportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability, Caltrans has released the “Complete Streets Implementation Action Plan 2.0”, an updated strategy on how the department will work to continue to address the safety and mobility needs for all modes of transportation.

Published: Jan 15, 2015Caltrans Increases Accountability Across the Board

SACRAMENTO – As part of its ongoing reform efforts—including increased statewide accountability and transparency—Caltrans has published new manager and employee handbooks and launched a 24hourethics hotline for all employees.

Published: Jan 13, 2015